Article 1: A Letter to Sam Shamon
Article 2: My Words to Robert Spencer
Article 3: My Words to Earnest
Article 4: Islam and Wealth
Article 5: Mut'a Marriage
Article 6: Apostasy in Islam
Article 7: My Words to Jasser Zohdi
Article 8: Daniel Pipes Exposed
Article 9: The Effect of Globalization on the World Order - Islamic Prespective
Article 10: Was Hitler a Racist Killer or also Genius?
Article 11: My Words to Mathew Dooley
Article 12: A Dialogue between a Muslim Man and a Christian Woman:
                  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6
Article 13: The Indian Removal Act and Commercial Gambling
Article 14: Daniel Pipes calls for recurrently desecrating the Koran
Article 15: I knew Allah
Article 16: Robert Spencer the Enemey of Allah exposed
Article 17: A Lunatic Pastor by the Name of Terry Jones Burned the Koran
Article 18: Downfall of Pope Benedict XVI
Article 19: They have turned America into an Evil Land
Article 20: A Lesson To The Televangelists Attacking Islam
Article 21: Rebuttal To Edward Cline's Article
Article 22: Iaan Hirsi Ali - A Woman Astray
Article 23: Pat Robertson the Enemey of Allah working Corruption in the Land
Article 24: Another moron by the name of Geert Wilders attacking Islam
Article 25: The Myth of Islamization of the West - Charlie Hebdo
Article 26: Pamela Geller a stubborn irrational woman attacking Islam without knowledge
Article 27: Bill Warner a notorious Islamophobe hate monger lying about Islam
Article 28: Bill Warner a shameless liar touring the United States lying about Islam
Article 29: Bill Warner falsifies the history of Islam to serve agendas
Article 30: Franklin Graham – is that your attainment of knowledge? Evil is that you judge
Article 31: Sarah Paline watch your tongue before you talk about Allah the Lord of the Supreme Throne
Article 32: President Beji Caid Essebsi tampers with the verses of the Koran
Article 33: The Big Mockery: Bill Warner wants to reform the religion of Islam
Article 34: Robert Spencer deliberately misinterpret the meaning of surrender in Islam
Article 35: AuthorHouse