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It was my illimitable satisfaction while writing these books to see that most of the Islamic topics I dealt with were already investigated by eminent Muslim scholars and sincere researchers. They clearly explained the Message of Islam to non-Muslims by separating between truth and falsehood. Their immense work published in English has undoubtedly spread the Message of Islam to the four corners of the world.

Writing these books was in fact a good opportunity for me to learn immensely from their published work. I was like a student drinking from the fountain of their wisdom and abundant knowledge, and in the end I found myself compiling their work and referring to it in my books. Because that is true, I will rest contended that my books will be a reminder, as it says in the Koran:

And remind; for Reminding profiteth the believers (Adh-dhariyat, 55).

In this regard I am fully indebted to the late Islamic scholar Abdullah Yusuf Ali for his formidable work "The Holy Koran – Text, Translation and Commentary". In several instances I relied on his work to explain various subjects I included in my books.

Thanks are also due to Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan for their work," The Interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Qur'an". Their work was of high significance to me while writing my books.

My deepest thanks are also due to Dr. Abu-Shabanah Abdel Khalek Himmat for his wonderful effort in translating the meaning of the Koran. His formidable book,"Al Muntakhab [The Select] in the Interpretation of the Holy Quran", enabled me to explain the Koranic verses in English with simple and clear phraseology.

Grateful acknowledgement is owed to Professor, Arthur J. Arberry for his splendid work, "The Koran interpreted". I found his interpretation of the meaning of the Koran plain and clear, a matter that compelled me to use his interpretations in most of the Koranic verses I referred to.

My deepest gratitude is also due to the late Dr. Muhammad Fazl-ur- Rahman for his comprehensive work, "Islam and Christianity in the Modern World". The facts included in his book were of great significance to me while writing on the subjects of Christian origins and the merits of Islam and Christianity.

Thanks are also due to Taha F. Unal for the constructive, instructive and useful Islamic knowledge he presented in his interesting book, "The Crossroads".

I will be forever grateful to Maulana Wahiddudin Khan. Words cannot express my thanks for all the abundant knowledge I learned from his oustanding book; "The Koran".

May Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, be pleased with them for the sincere effort they devoted in explaining the Message of Islam to the world.
General Introduction

Book 1: Why Muhammad Came to the World

Book 2: How Islam Looks at Traditional Christianity

Book 3: The Advent of Muhammad and His Message to the World

Book 4: Muhammad the Best of Creation

Book 5: The Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet of Islam

Book 6: Life in the Shade of the Koran

Book 7: The Plain Truth

Book 8: Why Christians and Jews Embrace Islam

Book 9: Islamic Economy

Book 10: Christendom Must Revert to Pure Monotheism Before it is Too Late

Book 11: It is a Decisive Word it is no pleasantry

Book 12: Salvation in Christianity and Islam

Book 13: The Disputing of the Inhabitants of the Fire

Book 14: Heaven in the Koran

Book 15: Hell in the Koran

Book 16: The God Muslims worship

Book 17: The Mission of Muhammad to the Christians

Book 18: Islam will prevail

Book 19: Religion with Allah is Islam and no other

Book 20: Islam the Religion of Love and Peace

Book 21: How Muslims Live Their Lives

Book 22: Believing in Allah in the Unseen

Book 23: The Koran they belie came specifically for them

Book 24: Abraham in the Koran - Muhammad is the call of Abraham

Book 25: Islamic principles the critics of Islam ought to know

Book 26: Islam is the last chance for the world

Book 27: Islamic economy in comparison with western economies

Book 28: There is no such a thing as Islamic apologetics

Book 29: The Greatness and Splendour of Allah

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