The novel "Man from the East" has a high inspirational content. It is a strong drama describing true love between Ali, the Egyptian Muslim, and Diana the American Christian. The novel describes the everlasting differences between East and West from the standpoint of religion, dealings, economics as well as several other aspects of life. The differences were emphasized through a strong drama carrying within ardent love, agony, loss, power, murder, support, alienation, hatred, yearning and compassion. It is a strong romance expressing true love, agony and power played out in the sophisticated American business and political life. The novel cuts through the differences between Islamic and Christian cultures aiming at getting them near one another.

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Brothers Khan

In olden time, in the land of Punjab, lived a widowed wealthy man by the name of Misra in his vast farm with his three daughters Mahudri, Ashwaria and Sonam. The farm was run by a loyal farmer called Abed Khan. Abed lived with his wife and his three sons Sharu, Salman and Fawad in a nearby village. They all lived in a small mud-brick cottage. Each season after harvest Abed drove the wagons to the market to sell the crops. In one of these trips to the market, the bandit Agni and his brother Ramesh with their gang attacked the convoy and killed Abed and the farmers driving the other wagons. Abed’s sons swore to avenge their father’s death. The three brothers replaced their father and took care of the farm. They fell in love with Misra’s daughters. Brothers Khan asked Misra for his daughters hand in marriage but he refused claiming that they were poor and his daughters must marry rich men of their high status. Mahudri the big sister was coerced to marry a sadist drunkard who belonged to a big family in the region. He tortured her physically and mentally and ruined her life. The two other sisters rejected arranged marriage and opposed their father because they loved Sharu’s brothers. Fearing his daughters might run away with their lovers and marry men of lower status, Misra kicked the brothers out of the farm. The brothers left the farm and lived in their clay hut in their village. Agni the bandit and his brother Ramesh raided the farm. The farm was burned to the ground. Farmers were killed and women abducted and raped. Mahudri’s vicious husband was killed during the rade. Misra’s two daughters Sonam and Ashwaria were abducted by Agni and Ramesh. The girls were taken to the bandits’ hideout home where they were beaten and raped. Misra ran to brothers Khan asking for help. They came to his rescue. They saved the two girls and returned them safe home. They rebuilt the ruined farm, then launched a terrible war against the bandits, killed Agni and Ramesh, and restored peace. The brothers Khan married the three girls and all lived happily ever after.

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What Are You Looking at Bitch

The novel is a love story between Hashem, a business magnate from the Middle East, and Angela, a rich American woman running a company she inherited from her father. Angela was asexual and lacked sexual inclinations toward men. She was jealous and arrogant and inherited from her father his tough nature and foul mouth. When she got mad, she would attack her opponents with offensive words. She also suffered from a neurological disorder. When she got nervous, her right hand would shake involuntarily. A financial crisis took Angela’s company to the ground, and she was forced to put it up for sale in the market with a cheap price. Hashem, who also invests in buying ruined companies, heard about her crisis and came to buy her out. Angela suddenly found herself strongly attracted to Hashem, and they fell in love with each other and got married. Angela gave birth to a girl they called Aisha and a boy they called Amr. The river of life glided along beautifully between them until Hashem’s past reared its ugly head and destroyed their marriage. Countess Adelle von Vetsera, Hashem’s ex-mistress, who lost her mind when Hashem married Angela, came to take back her love. The two women quarreled over Hashem. In one of her furious quarrels with Hashem, Angela rushed to her car. Her daughter, Aisha, rushed into the passenger seat, yelling at her not to drive. Angela ploughed the car right into a trailer. Angela was the only survivor in the car, and Aisha died. Angela faced charges of being drunk behind the wheel and killing her daughter. She was sentenced to three years in prison. Hashem refused to live with Angela any longer and returned to his first love, Adele. Adele gave birth to a baby girl and called her Aisha to please Hashem. Adele died from cancer. Hashem, however, refused to return to Angela, and being long forsaken made her emotional status grow rapidly worse. Years of abandonment passed, and Hashem returned to Angela in the end on the condition that she must behave and stop uttering dirty words. She accepted wholeheartedly. But did she fulfill her promise? This is what the novel tells.

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Black, Red and White

The events of this story took place during the American Civil War between North and South. The novel expresses slavery that tarnished the reputation of the white man who exploited the weakness of his fellow man to the benefit of his ambitions.
The novel also talks about the great injustice that Native Americans, the original owners of the land, suffered when they were expelled from their homeland to exploit it for the benefit of the white man.
Love and hate, anger and pride resulted from all this to shout that the oppressed should live and exercise his right to a decent life that God has granted to him and not man.

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Cowboy is the story of a boy hating his drunken father because he saw him beating his mother all the time. His mother suffered injuries and fractures that led to her death, a matter that made the boy rebellious, violent, and also compassionate towards weak women.
When the boy reached the age of youth, he deserted his father and joined the army of the south to fight against the army of the north. During the war, he learned martial arts and became a good marksman with a gun.
After the end of the war, he emigrated to the West and joined the farm of an old man whose rich neighbor and his daughter wanted to take the old man's farm to join it to their farm to meet the needs of their large herd for pasture. The young man confronted the rich man and his gang and kept the farm from being lost. The greedy man died in an Indian raid on his farm and left the farm and the herd to his daughter. A fierce war started between the daughter and the young man to fall in love with him in the end. Events continued to complicate their love until it finally reached safety.

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Love, Pride and Agony

This is a love story between Michael, a black man, and Nadia, a white woman, both famous in the world of finance and wealth. She owns a cosmetics company, he owns a country club, and has other big investments in several activities. Michael is strong and robust, in women, he likes long, full bodies to satisfy his lust. He doesn't settle on a woman; he changes them after he gets bored. His heart doesn't know love, but lust for women, and married life is not within his plans. Nadia's been a widow for three years. She found Michael the man who could satisfy her desires, especially after the spread of his women's adventures in her circle. She wanted to satisfy her lust and tests his extraordinary masculinity that women talk about. She asked him for a one-night stand, a sexual single encounter in which there will be no emotional commitment or future involvement. There is no getting to know each other. She never has to see him again, or even talking about this incident. He rejected her suggestion at first, because her body is as thin as those of manikins, and he likes full bodies. But when he took her in his arms, their spirit mingled and their hearts united. The years between them passed in true love until Nadia felt that her age passed without a home or family. Her racism made her afraid to face society with a black husband. She also feared that she would give birth to black children who might suffer from the harassment of their peers. She gathered her strength and told Michael that she had decided to start a married life with a white man to face the racist society shamelessly. She broke his heart and married another, but gave birth to a black boy who turned her life with her husband upside down. And that's where the story begins.

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The novel, "Spanish Tale" talks about the scientific achievements of the Muslims in Spain thus paving the way to the age of the Renaissance. This tremendous historical achievement was narrated through a strong drama carrying within hatred and ardent love between a strong Arabian king ruling over most of the Spanish provinces and a Spanish queen ruling over a small dominion.

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Due to my belief that both novels could be successfully produced as movie pictures or TV series, I also wrote "Man From The East" as TV series and "Spanish Tale" as a movie picture.
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Downfall is multinational because its setting is the world. Downfall is not just another fictitious ordinary novel, it is mostly a virtual reality novel based on documented political events that happened in our time. The book is highly romantic, political, social, and religious. Downfall is a scream rebelling against injustice. The torn Middle East shouts for peace. Downfall deals with the arrogance of power now trying to control the world without resorting to international legitimateness. Downfall is about the ruthless war against Islam without any logical reason. The novel exposes the western plot (The New Middle East) against the Middle East aiming at dividing it into religious and ethnic factions and sects living in small sectors without borders, so that the West could draw the map of the Middle East in accordance with its geostrategic needs and objectives. This vicious plan has led to millions of deaths, displacements and refugees now scattered on the borders of three countries without food or water. The blindsiding of America with Israel against the Palestinians and America's illegitimate war in Iraq are emphasized. The marriage between Zionism and the Christian Right, and its influence on the White House and American foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, is highlighted. This baseless contorted marriage spreads Islamophobia in America and threatens the solidarity of the American nation. The distorted political and religious fabric of America and its bad influence on America and the Middle East is also pinpointed. Downfall shows that political Islam, which is mainly a response to the occupation and exploitation of the Arab land by the West, is not the only threat to world peace, but also political Christianity, which America adopts against the Muslim world. By relying only on military power and political interest to run the globe, leaving behind thousands of victims and ruined homes, America is travelling away from its integrity and forgetting the fact that she has drawn upon herself Allah's wrath. Economic deterioration has been snapping her feeble body from the inside for several decades now. The collapse of America's huge global corporations and stock market, civil unrest, drought, natural disasters, and the deterioration in America's ethical manners on all fronts are clear examples of such divine wrath. The perpetrators seem to forget that Allah does not love oppression and that His eyes sleep not. The events of the novel are played out by Omar, the Egyptian commando who was assigned later as the Egyptian ambassador to the United States, and Elizabeth, the daughter of the President of the United States, a human rights activist, who shared with Omar a sincere love and the fight for establishing peace and justice in a torn world.

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Indecent Woman

The famous lawyer Tom Wilson had only one daughter, Daisy Wilson. He loved her so much and her mother Clair pampered her a lot. At the age of 12, Daisy grew up into a beautiful girl that was joy to watch. Tom worked so hard that Clair and Daisy seldom saw him. Clair fell in love with another man and asked Tom for a divorce. Tom never forgave her infidelity and divorced her. Clair married her lover and left Daisy in her father's care. When Daisy aged 16, she became a wild child. Her head was filled with boy stuff and her strong sex drive made her lust after boys. Tom feared that Daisy might inherit the bad traits of her mother and elope with a lover might take advantage of her. He decided to take her into a long trip to distract her from lust and infatuation. He took her to Luxor, the city of the ancient civilization of the Pharaohs. Tom and Daisy went on a felucca ride on the Nile. The sailor was Mostafa, a young boy who was the same age as Daisy. During the two-day trip, Mostafa showed acts of bravery and a sense of high responsibility. A devilish thought came to Tom's mind: why not take Mostafa to the United States to watch over Daisy and protect her from digression of youth? Tom made a bargain with Mostafa's father and took Mostafa back with him to the United States. Daisy rebelled against Mostafa's attempts to reform her. But how a young man raised in a conservative country and believes in abstinence before marriage could prevent Daisy from having affairs with strangers? What could Mostafa do to protect her evil self? How could he protect the girl he loved from disastrous circumstance destroying her life? This is what the novel tells.

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Taxi Driver

Abbas an Egyptian immigrant to the United States works as a taxi driver in New York City. Abbas is mildly retarded with stuttering problems such as repetitions of parts of words. He had a big physical body but was peaceful believing in live and let live.
Abbas picked out a woman passenger who turned out to be a mob wife. She was escaping from her brutal husband who abused her sexually by raping and torturing her. She did not know where to go with her husband and his gang in pursuit. She took shelter in Abbas apartment where she found care and compassion. Abbas loved her without telling her.
Abbas was raised in upper Egypt where Killings are justified based on protecting honor, pride, or land. Only by killing a member of the murderer's family can a clan regain its honor and mourn its deceased. The husband, the chief of the crime organization, kidnaped his wife from Abbas's apartment and rained the place with bullets.
Abbas took revenge and fought back to save the woman he loved. How a peaceful retarded man could stand alone against a mafia with dozens of gangsters? The book explains that.

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Woman in Love

Mona Smith is a woman of great wealth. She inherited from her father a stock and investment company, as well as a 500-acre livestock farm in Pennsylvania. When Mona was a little girl, a gentle pony was assigned to her to ride. Roberto, a boy of her age expert in horse riding whose father was the supervisor of the horse barns, trained her how to ride the pony.
When Roberto reached the age of twenty, his father did not want him to spend the rest of his life working on the farm. He decided to find him a job in the city. When Roberto knew that the job that his father wanted for him was to join Mona's company, he immediately agreed because he will see the love of his life, and his enamored heart will be filled with happiness and joy.
Mona was not acquainted with her work at first, so she hired an expert in stock exchange to run the company with her until its condition stabilized.
The friendship between Mona and the man she hired, took root, and Mona married him in recognition of the favor he did for the company.
Her marriage however split after a few years due to her husband's addiction and stealing clients' money.
In a moment of despair, Mona made love to Roberto, who loved her with his body, tears, and heart, and for the first time she knew what true love is.
Roberto proposed to her, but she was afraid of the vast social difference between them that might destroy their life together, and because she did not want to go through another failed marriage. Her rejection of Roberto made him hesitant to propose to her again.
She regretted refusing to marry him, as he flew away from her in the sky of fame and wealth.
Would Roberto give up his pride and propose to her again or is that time passed and ended?

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The Bodybuilder

This is the story of Liam Smith, the head and owner of a textile manufacturing company. He also owns a financial company that lends people interest-bearing loans. His father died when he was young. He inherited this great fortune from him and successfully managed it. In addition to his economic interests, he loved bodybuilding and Latin dance. The sport of bodybuilding took him to win Mr. Olympia championship twice in a row and the hobby of dancing led him to win many of its championships at the national level. Maya Taylor works in the field of decoration with her husband, who made a car accident and became paralyzed, locked in a wheelchair. Liam asked Maya to furnish his summer house on the beach and so their acquaintance began. She loved him and he loved her and they had intimate relationship. How much she wanted to dance with him instead of Ava, his dance partner, but her limp and back pain resulting from the car accident hindered her from doing so. One day Liam betrayed Maya with Ava, his dance partner. Maya was disappointed by the one person who she thought would never hurt her. She decided to take revenge on him and burn his heart. Despite her disabilities - back pain and light lameness she struggled hard to become the greatest dancer in America and the world. She disappeared from Liam's life and became extremely famous. People adored her. Liam panted after her but she neglected him. An interesting story in which iron does not play an important role in the life of a bodybuilding champion but also feelings of love and also disappointment.

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