Article 1: Political Christianity
Article 2: The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and its Impact on the Muslim World
Article 3: Why Barak Obama?
Article 4: Ariel Sharon - A Divine Punishment?
Article 5: Zionism and the Palestinian Israeli Conflict in the Middle East
Article 6: America must reform itself before attempting to reform the world
Article 7: America where to?
Article 8: Who will win the White House Obama or Romney?
Article 9: Meditations on Obama's Victory and Romney's Defeat
Article 10: Abdel Fattah El-Sisi - A Divine Help in Eventful Circumstances
Article 11: Is it wise to put a super power under sanction?
Article 12: Response to Ben Carson’s remarks on an Islamic president
Article 13: The reasons behind the deterioration of the U.S. Republican Party and ways of reform
Article 14: George W. Bush and Tony Blair – is that all there is? Is that all you have to say?
Article 15: Donald Trump versus Hilary Clinton – who is going to win the White House?
Article 16: Trump's Impeachment
Article 17: Donald Trump – A Wounded Lion Fighting for The Sake of His Country
Article 18: A Letter to Biden Human Rights
Article 19: Russian Ukranian War