Name: Dr. Mohsen A. El-Guindy.

Date of birth: June 10, 1943.

Bachelor degree: Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, 1963.

MSc: Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Genetics, Cairo University, 1968.

PhD: Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Genetics, Cairo University, 1973.

Present Occupation: Senior Researcher, Agricultural Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Dokki, Egypt.

Scientific Career

Published more than one hundred scientific papers in local and international periodicals in the field of pest control and pesticide resistance management. Supervised several MScs and PhDs in related fields.

Brief description of academic and professional affiliation

Worked as an agricultural scientist for 40 years in the Agricultural Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Dokki, Egypt.

Head of Department of Resistance to Pesticides in Agricultural Pests, 1973.
Head of the Central Agricultural Pesticides Laboratory, 1990-1993.
Secretary General of the entomological society of Egypt, 1990-1999.
Deputy Director of Plant Protection Research Institute, 1993-2003.
Head of the Board of the Bulletin of Agricultural Research Center, 1998-2003.
Member of the committee for promoting researchers to higher degree, 2008 until present.

Literary Career

Published two novels in English: "Man from the East" and "Spanish Tale". The purpose is to get the East and the West near each other.

The novel "Man from the East" has a high inspirational content. It is a strong drama describing true love between Ali, the Egyptian Muslim, and Diana the American Christian. The novel describes the everlasting differences between East and West from the standpoint of religion, dealings, economics as well as several other aspects of life. The differences were emphasized through a strong drama carrying within ardent love, agony, loss, power, murder, support, alienation, hatred, yearning and compassion. It is a strong romance expressing true love, agony and power played out in the sophisticated American business and political life. The novel cuts through the differences between Islamic and Christian cultures aiming at getting them near one another.

The novel, "Spanish Tale" talks about the scientific achievements of the Muslims in Spain thus paving the way to the age of the Renaissance. This tremendous historical achievement was narrated through a strong drama carrying within hatred and ardent love between a strong Arabian king ruling over most of the Spanish provinces and a Spanish queen ruling over a small dominion.

The author has noticed throughout the years that the Middle East is in a state of chaos and has been the site of some of the most tragic acts of bloodshed and cruelty, so he published a new novel “Downfall” in which he creates a unique and engrossing story that encapsulates the problems in the Middle East. “Downfall” deals with the arrogance of power that is trying to control the world without resorting to international legitimateness. It is about the ruthless war against Islam without any logical reason. The author then discusses the American plot against the Middle East, aimed at dividing it into sects and factions living in small sectors without borders. This deceitful plan is blamed for millions of deaths, displacements and refugees without food or water, scattered on the borders of three countries. Using romantic, political, social and religious angles, “Downfall” is intended to act as a scream of rebellion against the injustice the American-Zionist plot has created in the Middle East.

After September 11, 2001 and the so many insults launched against the religion of Islam, the author decided to write several books about Islam. The books are destined to remove the blinkers which have rendered it difficult for many westerners to understand Islam. The books honestly present the facts about Islam without sugarcoating. The books are not anti-anything but falsehood. It is not the author's purpose at all to make compromise between Islam and other religions, but rather to show the differences, and what is required to understanding the proper worship of Allah, the only Creator of the universe.

The Islamic books are presented in the author's website for all people seeking the truth to read and contemplate.